A downloadable game for Windows

Build, fight, craft and survive in an open-world full of resources, dangers and adventure.

Earth Attack combines some elements from games such as Minecraft, 7 Days To Die and Empyrion and puts them all in one place.

What the game currently offers:

  • Crafting in a 5x5 grid
  • Base building system
  • Small variety of aliens to fight.
  • Good set of weapons and tools.
  • Ability to create mods using JSON.

Planned features that will be added overtime:

  • Story mode.
  • NPCs and quests.
  • Skill and profession system.
  • Modular vehicles.
  • Extend the current JSON modding system.
  • POSSIBLE lua modding support using moonsharp.

Please remember that Earth Attack is a PROTOTYPE and is subject to change! It has been released before on GameJolt will so much stuff that made it feel like an unfinished bloatware, So, I decided to totally scrap the project and redo it completely with what I have learned in the past.

Have an idea or a suggestion or just want to talk to me directly? Join the discord server here you can report bugs too and I will immediately reply as I'm literally active all the!


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