Alpha 1.01r Patch Released!


This is a new patch release for Earth Attack that fixes some bugs and adds some new stuff to the game.

here is the release notes:

Added : totally new HUD for the player.

Changed: the building system so that the player now can move around the
building instead of a top-view camera.

Fixed: null reference exception when pressing the exit button.

Added: new punch sounds for the player hands.

Added: new blood particle for all weapons when they attack any "Organic" surface.

Changed: the increased the accuracy of the Silenced B-Rifle when aiming.

Fixed: resource objects playing sounds when they despawn.

Changed: the max number of loot items in the EarthWormLoot loot list.

Changed: the animation of the Scrap Iron Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe and Steel Pickaxe.

Changed: the animation of the player hands.

Changed: so that when you are down during combat you can use a medical item
to heal before the 12 second timer to get up again.

Fixed: crafting recipes not yielding any items.

Fixed: when loading a saved game while holding an item that item is
transferred to the loaded player and replaces the one that should be loaded.

Added: new models for the Small Bush and Dead Bush.


earth-attack-reloaded-alpha-1.01r.rar 169 MB
16 days ago

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